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Urban Decay Vs. Elf!

September 2, 2011
I officially regret buying the Urban Decay Palette “Naked”…

I really don’t want to offend anyone in this post, this is just my opinion. It is okay if you disagree with me! Just don’t yell at me please! Keep in mind that I am a college student that just can’t afford to buy 48 dollar palettes, I decided to splurge on this one and I really regret it. I regret it because of two reasons and two reasons only.

1. I can buy so many different products with 48 dollars, - instead of only having one thing.

2. I can and have found similar to almost the exact same colors in an Elf Palette that only costs 5 dollars.

The first reason is pretty simple, instead of having only one product for 48 dollars I could have bought at least 5 for 48 dollars (prob way more).

Now onto the second reason. This one is a little more difficult to explain. You see, I LOVE the colors in the Urban Decay palette. In fact, they are colors that I could see myself going to every day. However, I can find these colors in Elf’s Little Black Beauty Book (warm collection). Some of the colors I find are dead on matches, while others are very very close. Elf’s colors are just as pigmented as Urban Decays. I want everyone to understand that the colors in the Urban Decay palette are GORGEOUS, they are very good quality. BUT**** So are ELF’s.  Now I don’t want you to take my word on this (Although it would be flattering if you did ;0).

Urban Decay arm is on the top and ELF’s Arm is on the bottom! :)

<———ELF’s Arm numbers matched to the
Okay, Now I will go through each of them really quickly:

1) The colors are a near match.
2.) The colors are a near match.
3.) The colors are a near match. (the best match of the bunch)
4.) The colors are VERY similar, UD has a touch of gold, while ELF’s has a touch of red.
5.) The colors are a near match.
6.) This is the only color that I can say is rare (and my favorite) to UD, I LOVE number 9 in the ELF palette, they are both rare colors that can be worn the same way.
7.) The colors are VERY similar, UD’s is a little darker then ELF’s.
8.) The colors are VERY similar, UD’s is a tad bit more shimmery, while ELF’s is more matte but with a little sparkle.
9.) The colors are a near match, (the flash messed it up)
10.) The colors are a near match
11.) This is a black matte color, Elf’s palette doesn’t have a black but I am sure we all have one somewhere in a our collection.
12.) The colors are similar, the difference is that UD’s has a blue tint, while ELF’s has a green tint.

(I would love to invest in a better camera, but I spent too much money on this palette! ;) jk. - I really do need a better camera though)

My overall goal of this post is to show you that you can find colors VERY similar for so much less. The colors might not be an exact match, but did you really buy the palette because you wanted those exact colors or did you like the neutral colors in general? You can absolutely “GET NAKED” with this ELF palette.

Another good thing, there are 28 colors in the ELF palette compared to 12 in Naked, so not only can you find VERY similar colors but you have even more choices. The compact is smaller so it is more purse friendly, very easy to carry around, and all in one place. I honestly can NOT find a reason that the UD palette is better than the ELF palette, but I can find so many reasons for the reverse.

1. much cheaper
2. More colors
3. Smaller
4. lip colors included
5. bigger mirror
6. Purse friendly…

I bought this palette so that I could actually say without any doubt in my mind that it is not worth the price, and now I can. I can not afford to pay these kinds of prices on my makeup and now I know that I don’t have to! :)

**The only bad thing that I can say about the UD palette is that it is too expensive**
I am not saying anything bad about the quality, it is great. It is just not BETTER than ELF’s.

I hope this post helps all my fellow students, parents, or people who have to watch their money and can’t spend a fortune on eye shadow.

xoxo, nykki

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